Company History


CPP Printing and Direct Mail Marketing open in 1985 as Copy Post Printing; a copy and mailbox rental facility. Our founders, Raymond Diaz and William Benko, wanted to make a difference for their future and their families. A year later Walter Weinman, a friend of Ray and Billl, came into the business as a computer consultant, which turned into a partnership.

Copy Post Printing (as it was then known) was originally located on Broadway in Chula Vista CA, across the street from CostCo . After 9 years the company moved about 1 mile away to Jayken Way in Chula Vista, where Printing became the number one product over being a copy and mailbox rental facility. The focus was to become a quality print shop, along the way additional pieces of technology were added to increase the abilities of the shop. 

Copy Post Printing (as it was still called) moved in 1997 to its current location, 100 West 35th Street National City CA. During the next couple of years many changes took place to improve the equipment, and the name of the company. CPP Printing and Direct Mail Marketing was designed along with a new logo and more services which we could provide to our customers. We saw a need to help the small business owner to become a competitive business within his field of services. 

It seems like every company talks about the importance of customer service, but one of the lasting cornerstones of our business is the way our customers feel about doing business with us. Our dependability and reliability have become very renowned. When you work fast, hardly ever miss a deadline, have fair prices, and treat people with dignity and respect it's hard not to grow your business. That's what we do, we go the extra mile for you, our customers.

We invite you to consider using our printing firm the next time your company needs printing. We would love the opportunity to demonstrate our care for you and your business on your next printing order. You see, we do things very differently than the other printers in our community, and we believe we can provide the best all-around experience for you if you'll give us a try.

If you would like to talk to one of our customer service representatives, please call 619-425-1999. We would be happy to discuss how we can help your business succeed and prosper. Feel free to ask for Walter Weinman, Principal, or Paul Robinson, Sales and Marketing Manager when you call, and to inquire about taking a tour of our business.